Parenting and Co-Parenting FAQ’s

Who should take a Co-Parenting Course?”

During a divorce/separation, when children are under the age of 18 are involved, courts require that divorcing parents complete a co-parenting/family stabilization course prior to receiving a final judgement of dissolution of marriage. We encourage parents who are considering separating or divorcing from the other parent to take our course to educate themselves in advance.

How long do I have to complete a course?

Our mobile parenting and co-parenting courses are 10 hours in total and broken down into five two hour sessions. You can choose to take on 2 hours a week, or 4 hours per week, depending on your schedule. You have 3 months to complete the entire course.

What happens if I need more time to complete a course?

If you need more than the 3 months you’ve been granted to complete a course, you may renew your subscription for another 6 months and continue the course from where you left off.

What is the cost of Parentz@Work’s co-parenting class?

The charge for our on-line parenting class is $200.00 for all 5 sessions.

What other classes do you offer?

Parentz@Work offers court approved mobile parenting and co-parenting classes!  Coorispondance classes coming soon.

What areas do you serve? And what is the cost?

Parentz@Work offers services in San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange counties. Our cost varies per area. Call us at 760-246-8364 for more information.

What is your refund policy?”

48-Hour Refund Policy: Single Course Purchases
If a member withdraws from a class within 48 hours of enrollment and contacts Natalie_ Rascoe@Parentzatwork.org with a satisfactory explanation about requesting a refund, the course fee may be refunded to the member.

I am enrolling several students. How do I get a group discount?

For Group Enrollments and discounts, please contact us at Natalie_Rascoe@Parentzatwork.org

Is there an instructor available to answer questions?

Yes. An instructor is available to answer questions as well as monitor and access your performance in the course.

How many hours will it take to complete a course?

Our Co-parenting education courses can be completed within 10 hours. Our parenting classes are 12 hours broken down into six two hour sections.

When does a class start and end?

The class starts for you when you pay the course fee. You can enroll anytime–day or night. Courses are self-paced and everyone works according to their own timetable.

Can I email the instructor my questions?

Yes, you can contact the course instructor at any time by emailing us at Natalie_rascoe@parentzatwork.org

Do I have to pay for an online course?

Yes. All of our courses have a course fee but some people qualify for discounts or aid.  Be sure to contact us at natalie_rascoe@parentzatwork.org to see if you qualify.

Do I need to buy any textbooks?

No. All courses are thorough enough and you will not need to buy any textbooks–although we will recommend additional reading materials to purchase–these materials are optional and you are not required to buy them to complete the course.

Are there any additional costs?

Once you pay the course fee, you are granted a 3 month subscription to complete the course. If you need more than 3 months, you may easily submit payment online to renew your subscription and continue from where you left off.

Do I need to take an exam when I finish the sessions?

No, the course does not require you to take an exam. To graduate from the class you must complete the required 10 hours and review all of the sessions.

Is the site secure? Is my information safe?

Yes, all financial information is securely encrypted during transmission and securely stored.

What are the technical requirements?

Wifi and computer access is needed for the course. Parentz@Work is compatable with the most recent versions of all major web browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari.

I just enrolled in a class, now what do I do?

You can access all the courses you are taking at Parentz@work under “Classes”, Click on the “Online Classes” tab located at the top-right navigational bar,  and simply login with your Member ID and Password.

What does ‘self-paced’ mean?

When you take a self-paced, online course then you complete the lessons, assignments, exams, and other class activities when you have time and on your own time. You have 3 months to complete the course.

How does the class work?

Online Parenting and Co-Parenting classes are commonly used for court ordered requirements, DPSS, CPS, and other legal requirements as well as for personal growth. Our online classes use a combination of content, Once you register, you can start the class immediately. There is nothing to download and there is no wait. You can log on/off as many times as you need and the classes are available 24/7. No hassles, convenient and affordable.

How does your Online Parenting Class compare to other online classes?

We are the only online class provider to stand behind a full money back guarantee. We offer a truly online experience with instant enrollment, instant certificate download, and 24/7 accessibility. We deliver a world class e-learning product.

Do I have to take the class all at once?

You do not have to take the class all at once. In fact you can take the class in as many sittings as you like for as much or as little time as you like. It’s completely self-paced.

I need my certificate right away! How fast can I get it?

As soon as you complete your online co-parenting class, you will be able to download your certificate of completion.

Is there a time limit?

Yes, you have 3 months to complete the classes.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

While many participants take our online parenting programs for personal reasons, others may take them for a court, legal or probation requirement. We are so confident in the quality and acceptance of our programs. If for any reason this program is not accepted for a court requirement, we will refund your money in full with written proof of decline. It is your responsibility to confirm with your local court, judge, probation or other legal entity if a distance learning program will meet your specific requirement.

What is the Certificate of Completion?

Our Certificate of Completion comes on an official form commonly used by parenting professionals. It simply states “Co-Parenting or Parenting Program Certificate of Completion”. Also included on the certificate is your name, date. We use the same certificate for all of our programs.

How do I get a proof of enrollment?

You can download a proof of enrollment letter once you sign up and pay for the course.

Can I go back and review materials?

While you are taking the class you can go back and review any materials that you have already seen.

Can I print out the materials?

You are welcome to print out any of the materials for your personal use.

Can a Judge, Attorney, my Boss or other legal entity contact you?

Yes, we can be contacted directly to answer any questions or provide information about our programs. We do no release private information regarding our clients without written permission.

How to I contact your company?

Call us at (760) 246-8364 or through our Contact Form on the website.